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Plant A Day

Follow our Plant A Day blog & instagram as we transform our landscape from an open field to a forest of food and medicine.



In our attempt to find balance in all things that we consume, we were lead to Orgone Energy & Orgonite. We filter our water, food & air, why would we not filter the energy that permeates all space? The feelings of dis-ease & dis-comfort are lower vibratory frequencies, non-conducive for a thriving lifestyle. Balance disharmonious frequencies through our pre-built models or customize your device, specific to your intentions.


Compassionate Care & Teaching

Using the principles of permaculture, Waldorf & Montessori Schooling, we aim to provide better education than the opportunities currently available to the public.


Connecting with our Self through Mindful Practices 

Connecting with our Self through Mindful Practices 

Cultivating the soil to work on the soul

Cultivating the soil to work on the soul

Cultivating High Vibrational Plants to Heal

Cultivating High Vibrational Plants to Heal

creative Solutions for the well being of our community

We desire to live in pleasure - responsibly. This means more abundance and less scarcity - we find what it means to truly live. To move into this space there is a certain blueprint one can follow. We can offer our insights as we move along this path.

These are the fields of current study:

  • Education for Children with Special Needs
  • Behavior Analysis for Children with Special Needs
  • Land Management using Permaculture Principles
  • Food Production in Small Scale Applications
  • Food Forestry - Perennial Food Systems
  • Community Building
  • Metaphysical and Spiritual studies in relation to every day existence on Earth


A collection of our original content, inspirational art & recommended research. To find true freedom, we must persistantly work to Learn & Live through Knowledge.


Access to knowledge should be freely available. The time of all knowledge surfacing the waters of Truth is upon us. Align to universal Truth, its your Sovereign Right To Know.



We live to the beat of our own drum. From our roots of upstate New York we birthed a textile recycling company, specializing in vintage clothing. That venture provided us with the opportunity to meet amazing creatives, thinkers and philosophers. This unique path lead us to a great awakening and kept us thirsty for spiritual knowledge.

Recently, we've let our lives lead us magnetically to the foundation of what we want to share with others. Such as enlightenment, freedom, truth, clarity, happiness and most importantly, Love.

Our mission now is to continue our expansion, documenting our path and sharing our journey's blessings and gifts with the world.

OPENFIELD combines works of art, provocative images and metaphysical tools to bring happiness and enlightenment to others. We are a collaboration of artists based out of the USA. Our goal is to spread Love throughout the world.

Babs is the lead alchemist of the Orgone Energy Devices, creative photographer and full-time anarchist. RJ is our copywriter, contributor for the FREELOVE blog and critical thinker. Individually we are sovereign & together we make a pretty good team.