plant a day

Follow our Homesteading and Permaculture adventures as we work to sow a new seed each day.


Garden Get-together & A Home Cooked Meal


Homestead Tour & Organic Luncheon





We live to the beat of our own drum. From our roots in New York we started a textile recycling company, specializing in vintage clothing. That venture provided us with the opportunity to meet amazing creatives, thinkers and philosophers. This unique path lead us to a great awakening and sparked a radical change.

Moving to a 5-acre farm on the outskirts of Orlando, FL, has allowed us to become more self-sufficient everyday.  In addition, it has helped us lead a more meaningful lives in connection with nature--not against it.

Our mission now is to continue our expansion, documenting our path and sharing our journey's blessings and gifts with the world.

OPENFIELD consists of:

Benjamin (land steward) &  RJ (food alchemist)


Together we make a pretty good team.